Our meet review from Michael Bougie, Referee


It was a pleasure to be Meet Referee at your dual meet this weekend.

I have a few observations to make.


Your coaches are easy to work with.  They were easy to approach when

I needed to talk to them.  They are keepers.


I was impressed with your parental support.  You had a great set of volunteers

working the meet.  As timers, they did a great job making sure that they timed

properly.  If there were issues with the finish, they marked the timer sheets



Your table workers were excellent.  The announcers did a great job. 

The Colorado operators were superior.  There was only one time when they

missed a swimmer tripping the pad exiting from the previous heat.  In my

experience, it is very unusual to have only one.


Your officials did a great job.  Miles did really well keeping the meet moving and

on time.  The others did a fine job getting the DQs, which we had a few of,  processed

and turned in promptly.


All in all, it was a great weekend.  Feel free to invite me back anytime.